Posted by: ukiahhome | June 25, 2008

Updated Mendocino Fire Map – June 25

Here is an updated local summary and map of the fire and smoke status for southern Mendocino county.

Facts for Mendocino County:

  • Updated: June 25, 2008
  • Total Fires CA Statewide: 1,026
  • Number of MC Fires: 106
  • Number of MC Contained: 34
  • Total MC Containment: 5%
  • Today’s MC combined: 20,294 Acres
  • Yesterday’s MC combined: 13,000 Acres
  • Injuries: 2
  • Residences Threatened: 900
  • Residences Destroyed: 2
  • Fire Personnel: 815
  • Fire Engines: 80
  • Fire Crews: 19
  • Helicopters: 7
  • Estimated Cost: $3,100,000

Local fire map:

Here is an update to the southern Mendocino fire map for Ukiah, Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Orr Springs, and Anderson Valley areas.

Fire Map, June 25, 2008

The bright colored areas are active fire zones over the last day.

You can compare this with my prior map to see changes in the fire regions. (But note, it is of a different scale — this one is of a bit larger area.) While some areas such as Orr Springs seem to have stabilized in size, other areas such those south of Highway 128 have expanded. Also, a few of the spot fires seen yesterday have grown, but a few appear to be minimized or fully extinguished.

As you know, the wind speed and direction has a big impact on the spread of these fires. For example, yesterday, the situation was looking better before the afternoon wind came up. Satellite analysis showed no new growth in many zones. Unfortunately, that has changed.

Note also, this map is generated from thermal-sensing satellites (GeoMac HMS and MODis), so it’s not perfectly accurate in all regards. However, it should give you a good general sense for where the fires are located.



  1. Is there a link you can provide for this map?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Yes, I think I posted it below in my first blog entry. But, I’ve added it again to today’s entry. Note my note: you must enable the thermal satellite analysis packages in order to actually view the fire perimeters.

  3. Here is an updated fire map of the Montgomery Woods/ Orr fire:

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