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Fire Map, West of Ukiah, near Orr Springs

Here is an updated satellite firemap for fires burning immediately to the west and northwest of Ukiah, including Orr Springs, Low Gap Road, and Reeves Canyon Road.

Note: Click here for updated information.

These are the active fire areas upwind from Ukiah that bring the thick smoke into our valley.

Ukiah Fire Map

Notice that the satellite indicates that the fire has reached some parts of Montgomery Woods (the state park known best for growing the tallest trees in the world, many over 350 feet tall). I’ve marked the park in green to make it more obvious.

But note: just because the satellite indicates fire in that location, it does not distinguish the intensity of the fire or if the fire is within open fields versus the Redwood trees themselves. Also, for many of these large trees, this is not their first big fire. They have survived before, and we can hope they do so again.

This map was created using the HMS thermal satellite imagery ( composited with specific locations within photoshop. If try that site, be sure to enable the HMS or MODIS features or you won’t see the fire outlines within the terrains.


As of this time (noon), CalFire had not posted links to any significant updates since yesterday (7PM).

However, I did happen to find a more recent report on the county website.

Here are the Facts:

  • Incident Size: 25,000 Acres
  • Number of Current Fires: 87
  • Contained: 5%
  • Injuries to date: 2
  • Residences Threatened: 900
  • Residences Destroyed: 2
  • Commercial Property Threatened: 1
  • Estimated Costs to Date: $4,000,000

And here is the summary report:

The Mendocino Lightning Complex has burned approximately 25,000 acres with five percent containment. There are currently 87 active fires. Multiple fires are increasing in size. Resources continue to remain limited due to the fires throughout Northern
California, with resources being assigned as they become available. Due to predicted weather conditions and anticipated fire behavior, significant increased threats are a possibility. Further areas may be identified for evacuation warnings.

Sidenote: Ok, so that’s not very useful… but at least it’s something, right? I know CalFire has a lot more detail at their command centers, but they don’t share it with the public, for reasons I’ve never comprehended (and, I have worked for CDF as a firefighter). I suggest they hire a summer intern or even a volunteer to type some of that info into their web site… a kind of real time status blog, or even use WordPress if they need to. It would cost essentially nothing, but I’m skeptical that the top CalFire department heads have any idea about the web… and its importance as a communication pipeline to the rest of the world.

Main blog: Mendocino Fires and Smoke

Evacuation Info

Evacuations are in effect, but I do not post evacuation alerts here because that is an official role of our county government and must remain accurate and timely.

Official alerts can be found on the Mendocino County OES WildFire web-page.



  1. Thanks for the information. I’ll point people your way for Ukiah fire info.

  2. Thanks for the info and links. This is the only place I could find info about my brother’s situation in Navarro.

  3. We haven’t heard of the Low Gap road fires before. Do you have more info about them? We used to live out there and would be devastated if our old ranch was destroyed. It’s a lovely spot overlooking the Navarro River watershed. On the old maps it’s the Niven Ranch and later on it was known as the Circle C.

  4. thanks for the info…cant find much in the journal.

  5. Valerie, I don’t have any specific details on the Low Gap fires… I think they are being included into the fire group known as the Orr Fires.

    The largest fire area is the location between Orr Springs, including Montgomery Woods park, and to the west.

    To the south of that fire, there are three or four other fire clusters, and they are both on the north and south sides of Low Gap road. From your description, it sounds like your ranch is further to the west.

  6. Lauretta, glad to be of help… but, also try going to the UDJ online via the link on the right side of my blog page. I found it to be pretty helpful for some types of info.

  7. Thanks so much for your blog and the map. I’ve sent the address to everyone I know in the area and they say it’s the best map they’ve seen. Actually we were to the southeast of Low Gap rd. about 2 miles. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!!

  8. […] MENDOCINO: Evacuation has been ordered (this is not precautionary) for the Greenfield subdivision, west of Ukiah by the Orr Springs road (click here for a map). […]

  9. So has Orr hot springs burned? 6/28?

  10. My son has been building fire lines to help his cousin save her home and property, which is about a mile west of Montgomery Woods. They also own property next to Orr Hot Springs and by looking at your most recent map it looks like they are losing the battle. You are my best source of what is going on out there since his cell phone doesn’t get service. Thank you.

  11. have you heard if there is fire actually in the montgomery woods redwoods themselves?

  12. I just saw this from another blog on Orr Hot Springs:
    Sunday, June 29, 2008
    Good News from Orr Hot Springs
    from Paula Ondov–
    Orr Springs right now is totally in the clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The helicopter did get there to dump about 15 bucket loads over the cliff. Yeah. And the tubs are on and open to the ranch communities. What other good news do we have?
    Posted by Aurelea R. at 10:37 AM

  13. Here is a series of maps showing the progression of the fire in Montgomery Woods.

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