Posted by: ukiahhome | June 27, 2008

South wind now, things will change.

Looking over various sources of information, I don’t find much new to report today about the southern Mendocino fires. So, no news is good news.

Although the wind has reversed and is now blowing from the south (at about 10 MPH), it was fairly calm last night and that kept the fires from spreading as fast as previous days. CalFire reported only 2000 new acres which is only about a third of what we were adding in prior days.

We will have to see what other effects this south wind will have. It’s still too early to know for sure.

Also, we were out cutting grass, clearing trees today and also trimming the dead “fronds” on some palm trees, ironically (try that for fun, sharp thorns!)  Although the fires are a few miles away, we’re just doing everything possible to be prepared. And wow, was it hot and humid, plus the smoke was horrible. (Now, imagine how the firefighters deal with it.)


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