Posted by: ukiahhome | June 28, 2008

More than 1000 now fight the fires

There are now more than 1000 personnel fighting the Mendocino fires.

The fires continue to spread although much slower now than earlier in the week (due to the wind direction change). The fires added about 1500 acres since yesterday, according to CalFire reports. Also, Governor Schwarzenegger declared a official state of emergency for Mendocino county. But, I think we were already expecting that.

Unfortunately, some of those new acres are from expanded perimeters in the Orr Springs and Greenfield Ranch locations, and evacuation of those areas has been ordered. (See MC OES link in sidebar for official alert.)

If anyone knows for sure the current status of Orr Springs Resort, many folks want to know. Please post a comment. Thanks.

Here is an updated map of the area to the west of Ukiah (ranging about 14 miles to the west).

Ukiah west area fires, June 28, 2008

Further north, the good news is that the Humboldt county fires have been contained. Also, due to the wind direction change, the smoke has decreased in Ukiah and surrounding valleys.

Of course, the bad news is that Mendocino fires are still only 5% contained. Dense forests, very large trees (some more than 300 ft tall), and steep mountain terrain make these fires very difficult to control or contain.

The extent of the fires now has CalFire issuing its own special status page for Mendocino county.



  1. […] Note: Click here for updated map for June 28. […]

  2. I heard from an Orr Hot Springs staff person on Sunday morning, June 29th. It is my understanding based on that conversation that the fire had been stopped within 50 feet of the camp sites and also 50 feet from the large cabin on the hillside. The problem was that three fires had converged into one. There was still the fear that some structures might burn, but this had not yet happened. Low limbs on trees were being cut so that the fire couldn’t spread up and explode the tree, which causes more spreading. Leslie and Rex had to evacuate their home that is not on the Orr Springs property, but it was still safe as of this AM. I continue to ask for as well as visualize protection for Orr as well as Montgomery Woods and rain would be fine with no more dry lightening.

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