Posted by: ukiahhome | June 30, 2008

Not much new in Ukiah areas…

It’s noon on Monday, and it looks like not much is new regarding fires in the Ukiah areas, including Orr Springs, Montgomery Woods, Reeves Canyon, and Low Gap road. So, again, no news is good news, right?

To the north, there are a few new fires — what were probably sleepers hidden in the smoke from other fires. Around Lake Pillsbury it looks like some new fire growth around Big Signal Peak and Bald Mountain. Multiple fires still surround Covelo, some of which are new, and a bit more in Rockport and Leggett areas.

And further to the northeast, sadly, a monster fire has exploded in the Yolla Bolly Mountains, a primary part of the Mendocino National Forest. This is an extremely remote, hard-to-access area — a federal wilderness area, pristine and amazingly beautiful, for hiking/backpacking recreation. (Here’s a short overview of Yolla Bolly on

Actually, I’m not sure they actually fight fires in these federal wilderness areas. Probably not. Certainly, from what I see on sat images, it looks like this one is just going to burn. Too bad. I was considering a backpack trip up there later this summer.

So, while things in Mendocino county area seem to be stable and containment is underway…

Acres Burned: 37,200
Containment: 38% contained

the numbers for California state grow worse, with 1459 fires with more than 19,000 people fighting them:

Total Fires: 1,459
Total Acres Burned: 379,115
Personnel Committed: 19,240
Fire Engines: 1,429
Hand Crews: 491
Dozers: 365
Water Tenders: 413
Helicopters: 94

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