Posted by: ukiahhome | June 30, 2008

Sunday was good, then…

Sunday morning, everything was looking good. Fortunately, the NOAA predicted thunderstorm never appeared, although the wind did shift to blow from the south, and that cleared the air in Ukiah valley.

There was still quite a bit of smoke to the north, trapped along the mountains of Redwood valley. (I live on a hill where I can see both Ukiah and Redwood valleys really well.)

Redwood Valley

Normal view to the northwest, looking toward Redwood Valley.

The R.V. smoked looked like it was coming from a few Reeves Canyon fires, and perhaps the Orr fire too. But I could finally see the mountain tops out that way, so I figured the situation had improved immensely.

About noon on Sunday, I checked the satellite data and all looked really good. There appeared to be no new fires or expanded fire perimeters. There was so little difference, it wasn’t even worth rebuilding the maps. I breathed a sigh of relief; finally it seemed like it was over.

(Although… I should mention there was an oddity with the CalFire “acres burned” estimate which had jumped to 35,000 acres overnight. I figured they must have recomputed their acreage assessment more accurately. It’s not so easy to compute those numbers.)

Unfortunately, later Sunday afternoon, our reliable trade wind from the northwest (comes off the Pacific) picked up again… and I sadly watched what looked like a wall of thick smoke roll rapidly back across the Ukiah Valley, from west to east. I thought, “oh no, here we go again.” (Well, those were probably not my exact thoughts.)

And that was Sunday.


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