Posted by: ukiahhome | July 1, 2008

Blog layout changed

I noticed a flaw in WordPress (this blog system) that required me to change my layout (theme)…

Due to the theme (styles and colors) I was using, for a specific blog post page, you would not see links in the sidebar to my other blog postings. For example, if you found one of my postings via Google, it may not be apparent that there were other related postings. Several people were just seeing a single posting, not the entire blog.

Sorry about that. I changed to a theme that does provide the sidebar for archived entries.

I must admit, I like WordPress, but was surprised it had this defect. It seems that the theme determines the layout of not only the primary page, but of the sub-pages, but only the widgets of the primary page can be modified via the admin controls.

Well, it’s ok… I like this layout theme better anyway.



  1. Good Morning Orr Springs from the Weger Ranch(that’s with an E).

    We only have time for a very brief blog and our thanks to all those who helped us.

    We awoke at 3:30 AM Saturday June 21 to thunder and lightening and awoke a second time at 7:00AM to the smell of smoke. We had two lightening strikes and a third fire that approached us from Gates Creek, That first morning we found the fire and began to fight it with shovels. That afternoon we found the McClouds and fought on until the fire from Gates Creek threatened our escape to the north side of Soda CReek. Since that fateful morning, we have learned an incredible amount about the fire and ourselves and although nearly a 1000 acres of our ranch has burned in many ways it has been a blessing. We fought this fire on our own for nearly a week. As soon as Cal Fire had the resources they sent Engine 1464 to help and they have bravely fought the fire. Thank you Henry, Drew and Bobby. Many resources followed and we are most appreciative of all of their help. Also we appreciate the leadership of Brian Kornegay and Mark Tolbert and the resources they sent our way when we most needed them.

    There are so many people who dropped everything and came to the ranch to help with the fire and without their help I feel confident that the west flank of the fire would have extended much further west and likely north to the south fork of Big River. No thanks will fully express my gratitude. Those people include my husband Craig Blencowe and in alphabetical order Christopher Blencowe, Matt Bardella, Monica Hernandez, Brian Hodge, John Iverson, Donny Iverson, Natti Lopez, Manny Lopez, Chalsey Phariss, Bob Maddocks, Mike Maddocks, Chandra Nellis, Ken Smith, Steve Smith, Brandi Stahl, my sons Travis and Cody Steele, and Don Weger.

    I also want to acknowledge the brillant efforts of our neighbor Ray Medley who saved his house with a shovel, rake and broom…

    We were awesome.

    I wish we had had the time to blog more but we were simply too busy fighting the fire. We are back to the Ranch today and wishing the best of luck to all of us to maintain containment.

    Best Wishes,
    Lisa Weger (that’s with an E)

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