Posted by: ukiahhome | July 1, 2008

Mendocino Fire – Areas, acres, threat, containment

Mendocino OES has just released this Mendocino Fire Status information sheet (as of July 1, 2008, 4PM) about the current fires. Listed by location it provides the size of the fire, current threat level, and degree of containment.

Here’s the info for the immediate Ukiah area (out of the 37,000 acres total):

Fire Name Area Acres Current Threat
to Residences
Orr Springs Series Orr Hot Springs 3,374 High Moderate
Jack Smith Greenfield 1,538 High Substantial
Indian Parlin Fork 1,127 Moderate Moderate
McCarvey 2/Low Gap 10 mi. West of Ukiah 1,279 Moderate Moderate

(If you don’t see your area listed, click the above link for other fire areas.)

Here’s the fire map, as labeled for the above table:

Calfire Mendo map

The full map download can be found here: CalFire Mendocino 2008 firemap

In addition…

The wind is gusting again as it does normally in the afternoons in Ukiah. The thermal satellite is indicating two new fires in the Low Gap and Orr areas. It has been reported by Glenmaple that these are control burns done by CalFire.

We’ll continue to monitor it and update here again tonight.


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