Posted by: ukiahhome | July 1, 2008

Updated Southern Mendocino fire map, July 1, 2008

Although it is quite smoky this morning in the Ukiah and Redwood Valley areas, it appears that we had no significant growth in perimeters for fires near Ukiah. Although there is no official announcement yet, let’s hope that at least these local fires are contained.

Judging by a fairly clear sunset last night (looking west toward Orr Springs from Caplella area), and by the smoke patterns early this morning, I think a good portion of this smoke is drifting down from further north, perhaps Soda Complex (Lake Pillsbury), Covelo, or Mendocino National Forest.

(Also, I’ve noted that the smell of the smoke this morning has changed. When the fires were more local, the smoke smelled more like burning grass and wood. Now it’s more a ashy smell, less identifiable.)

Here is the current fire map for southern Mendocino areas around Ukiah:

Mendocino fire map, July 1, 2008

The yellow areas are the fire perimeters. As long as we don’t see any red spots or red zones in or around those, then things are looking good.

The state (CalFire) has also finally published a useful Mendocino 2008 firemap. However, it can be slow to download (the full PDF) so here’s the part relevant to southern Mendocino:

Calfire Mendo map



  1. Thanks for the work updating people on the fires west of Ukiah. I learned for the first time about the fires up Low Gap.

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