Posted by: ukiahhome | July 2, 2008

Holding steady…

The fire situation near Ukiah appears to be holding steady with nothing new to report. The skies over Ukiah valley are clearing. Let’s hope it remains that way and that we see full containment soon.

Also, the word is that CalFire has been doing some controlled burns… while they’ve got the staff on hand. (See Glenmaple journal in sidebar for details.) I’m seeing those blips pop up on the satellite.

County-wide, CalFire now puts it at 40% containment. So, elsewhere in Mendocino county, fires are far from under control. Cold Springs toward the west (between Boonville and Manchester) is better, but still has serious problems. I have a feeling we lost many trees there. Also, further to the north, above Leggett, there’s some new activity.

And then there’s Yolla Bolly, the incredibly beautiful wilderness area at the north end of the Mendocino National Forest, which is out of control. Last I read from the park service, the smoke was so bad that fire crews couldn’t even hike into the interior. And, because the fires to the north in Shasta and Trinity counties are so serious, there are not enough resources to spare for Y.B. (BTW, my other favorite wilderness area, the Trinity Alps, also has multiple fires.)

To help fight some of these inaccessible high mountain fires, Mendocino OES reports that a modified DC 10 air tanker, capable of carrying 12,000 gallons of fire retardant, has been ordered to assist, and is expected to arrive soon.

DC10 Air Tanker

DC10 Air TankerSee 10 Tanker for full details.

I’ve heard of this amazing super-air-tanker, but I’ve never seen it before. I hope it can do the job, but I wonder where it will land around here? (Ukiah airport runway is not long enough.) Sacramento?



  1. Hello from Texas. It really is sad to see the destruction in these pictures. I can’t help thinking about the deer, bears, owls, etc. Thanks for posting all of this. Although, I can’t really find the exact info I am looking for. I wonder who can tell me about possible fire location outside of Willits. My dad had a place by “Bear Canyon” until he died. (many years ago) I remember all of the wonderful and quirky people that had property around his, and I am concerned. It was always such a beautiful area, and the memories of the great relationships with neighbors & home he built there (although sold to someone else), will always have a special place in my heart. You guys hang in there!!

  2. Hi Carl, yes the fires in Trinity county are getting
    worse. I drove by lake Shasta yesterday and there
    PBY sitting in the lake. Not sure which fire it was working on as there are several in the area from Ruth Lake up to by Happy Camp.At least the smoke
    is done from the bay area and the upper central valley but is working it way up to Yreka/southern Oregon.When I was in Grenada,Ca the other day, talked to a guy heading out to the Happy Camp fire
    and he told me that a guy from the Cal Forestry Srevice said the fir/pine/conifer trees are bone dry and this could be the start of the worst fire season in history.Hope he is wrong and that Mendcino county is spared.

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