Posted by: ukiahhome | July 7, 2008

Quick update…

Although it’s still very smoky in the Ukiah and Redwood Valley areas, the fires no longer show new activity or growth according to today’s satellite images. So, that’s a good thing.

CalFire reports that progress is being made on various fires throughout the county, and that the Mendocino Lightning Complex has now burned approximately 46,800 acres and is 45% contained.

It states that there are 43 active fires, and that some are slowly increasing in size, but CalFire does not indicate where those fires are burning, and I must admit I am puzzled regarding their locations.

Also, CalFire notes that the cost of firefighting has skyrocketed to $22 million, more than doubling in cost from when I last checked a few days ago. There are now more than 1,700 personnel, 150 engines, 40 bulldozers, 15 helicopters, and 3 airplanes dispatched.

Fortunately, we are seeing little of this in the Ukiah area. Although engines are parked around the fairgrounds, we don’t see any related fire air-traffic going on. The fires must be in the northern parts of the county.

If you happen to know more about current Mendocino fire locations, please post a comment. Thanks.



  1. I live about a five minute walk from the Willits airport. During the day for the past week there has been increasing helicopter traffic from the temporary helibase at the Willits ariport. I have noted both personnel transport helicopters and helicopters hauling tanks.

    Smoke levels have steadily increased in Willits and the surrounding areas due to the high pressure system and the calm, hot air since Monday, July 7. The smoke levels have returned to their initial level when the fire broke out June 20.

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