Posted by: ukiahhome | July 24, 2008

Photo shows smoke from the north

Smoke in Ukiah and surrounding valleys is horrible today — nearly as bad as when the fires were burning in our backyard… and the word is, the smoke is not going to get better soon — until these fires are under control.

Here’s a photo that shows better what I’ve been talking about in my earlier blogs regarding Yolla Bolly wilderness and other fires to the north and how the wind blows the smoke to the south (our “normal” trade-wind direction). Scroll down to my earlier blogs for more details.

Smoke from fires in the north.

Smoke from fires in the north. July 22, 2008

Not this photo was taken two days ago, so the smoke direction has changed a bit.

Also, note that statewide, CalFire reports that more than 1 million acres have burned so far. That’s about 1600 square miles! (405000 hectares).



  1. The(CDF) says, that they want to let them burn. Yes sometimes it is good for the forest. I know this, but with this many fires burning out of control this early in the year, it could lead to a disaster if we get the strong northerly winds early. Then it could get really out of control. This game of letting so many fires run their course could be playing with fire.

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